I'm curious as to why the industry has not yet announced a hybrid DVD/CD format. That is, a 5-inch disc that has DVD content on one side, but is readable on a regular CD player on the other. It seems to me that such a disc would have a synergistic value to consumers over a DVD or CD alone. For movies, it might need to be a dual-layer DVD/CD, but concerts would probably fit on a single layer. Some ideas for this format:
  1. Concert albums with video that are playable on CD players.
  2. Movies with the soundtrack on the CD side.
  3. Sports events with the original radio broadcast on the CD side.
Granted, this would probably make the disc more expensive, but it should be cheaper than buying both separately. If you know any technical reasons why this can't be done or have comments on this idea, I'd be interested to hear them.

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