Why doesn't anyone make a cell phone with an antenna that sits flush with the body of the phone? For some reason, they all have a protruding stalk, sometimes with a retractable antenna that sits flush with the top of the stalk. It's unclear to me why this can't be retracted all the way into the phone so you can throw it around without worrying that the little stalk will break off, which it frequently does (the people at the Sprint PCS store tell me that that's the part that breaks most often). This, I'd like an answer to, if you have it. I don't, however, need to hear that you agree with me, if you have no other helpful suggestions. I know I'm right on this one, and it doesn't really matter how many other people agree, because everyone agrees.

Some excuses I've heard and my comments about them:


Qualcomm has apparently decided I was right and the new Q-phone has an integrated antenna. Huzzah!

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