The molecule you see in the background is fructose. I like fruit, but I also like to think small.

Ed.: This page has been largely unchanged since it first went up. It's moved servers on occastion, and large pieces of it may be out of date. It's not what you'd call "maintained" in any sort of organized way. But, I keep it around because there's lots of good content here that I have little or no desire to move to a new format. I still occassionally update the pages with new content, mostly poetry and stories about eating strange things. This site it pretty much entirely static HTML, because it predates dynamic page generation. New stuff is more at www.adamfields.com.

Welcome to my page. For info about me, click here. To see my resume, click here.

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Of course, this page is constantly under construction, but as I learn more html, it'll get better. Also, please remember to reload these pages frequently, as they are changing every day so often.

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Fire is made out of steak.

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Adam's Laws


Click here to go to the page I'm setting up for my mother's work. She is a sculptor in stone and bronze (primarily). This page is still under construction (of course), but it has pictures of about twenty of (in my opinion) her best works. Enjoy! (Actually, I'm currently in the process of building a large database application to manage the online body of her work. It will be available soon.)

Also NEW!!!

My friend Tristan, who co-authored "The Elf Invades Sears" (q.v) with me when we were in High School, plays in a band called Deridian. Click here to see their page, even though they've dissolved and are no longer playing as a group.

Click here to see the crappy logo that I did for them.


Philo poster archive

The Compleat Sculptor

Looking for anything related to sculpture? Check out my family's sculpture supply business, The Compleat Sculptor.

In MY Hell...

Weird and minty things people say in my presence.

Project descriptions and papers for various classes.

N.V.'s Movie Reviews

Our feeble attempt at VRML!

The ELF Invades Sears

Some useful links:

So, the links page I really use is here. James has retracted his earlier statement about my responsibility to disparage the passing on of links in favor of the slightly more cynical opinion that passing on links is okay only if they're serious. As a result, I have changed my list of links to only include those vital to national security. Enjoy!

My bookmark file

This is an edited list of all of the pages I have in my bookmark file. If what you're looking for isn't on the page you're looking at now, try my bookmark file - you'll probably find something you like. Click here to go to the list.

Search Engines

Hmmm... search engine. Now what could that be?
* Metacrawler is VERY nice. It collates your results into one page.
* Metasearch - c|net has heavily advertised their multi-search engine "www.search.com". This one is MUCH better, and has a nicer user interface. Try it!
* Yahoo
* Lycos
* Alta Vista

Computer-related stuff

PC's running Windows and connected to the Internet should definitely convince their users to look here.
* Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps

Somewhere between pretty useful and vital to life and health

You know, fun stuff!
* Internet Movie Database Search Forms
* MovieLink 777FILM Online
* CNN Interactive
* The Discovery Channel Online!
* Fermilab!
* Really Helpful Navy Guy's Homepage
* Add a counter to your own pages.

Just plain silly

If you need this explained, you should probably just give up now.
* TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page
* The Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page!
* Continuously Refreshing Fishcam image
* Cool Site of the Day
* Random Lightbulb Joke!
* Mirsky's Worst of the Web
* Toy Story Home Page!
* From Dusk Till Dawn!

Some of my friends' web pages

* Jay Michaelson
* Chris Holst
* Ali Lemer
* Ken Ehrenberg
* Rob Mitchell
* Anne Sutherland

Interesting factoids

Did you know that TeX and Postscript are both Turing-equivalent, but HTML isn't?
Lenticular is a cool, funny-sounding word.
The secret message is: Snarf the cookies, for the milkman cometh.
The secret password is "Flarf."

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